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Chair Seat Incontinence Pad (2-PACK)

Product Review
For the best value on our Chair Seat Incontinence Pads, we recommend purchasing them in 2-packs. Not only do you save money by ordering a 2-pack, but you also have a backup pad to put in your lift chair while your other one is in the washing machine, guaranteeing constant protection against moisture and stains. Our Chair Seat Incontinence Pads are the perfect accessory for keeping your lift chair free of embarrassing and hard-to-clean urine stains. This absorbent pad soaks up any liquid that comes into contact with it, and cleaning the pad is a breeze - just toss it in the washing machine and it's ready for use again. Composed of a suede top layer, a polyester/rayon middle, and a polyester bottom with water-resistant vinyl backing, these pads are specially engineered to protect your furniture from even the largest leaks and spills. Even if you purchase a lift chair with water- and stain-resistant upholstery, spilled liquids will simply bead up and run off the surface and into the chair's interior crevices. Don't let incontinence ruin your day OR your lift chair - use a Chair Seat Incontinence Pad and protect your lift chair from water damage!
  • Fabric TypeFlat-Fiber Microsuede
  • FitSits On Top
  • Waterproof BackingYes
  • Machine WashableYes
  • MaterialPoly-Rayon Middle, Poly Backing
  • Length22"
  • Width21"
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