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Lift Chairs: Your Best Friend After Surgery

Make a lift chair part of your post-operative recovery.After surgery, even standing up from a chair can become a chore. Basic mobility takes a severe blow when an individual has undergone surgery, making the most basic of movements difficult. Braces, casts, and surgical sutures can make the process of sitting and standing difficult for some patients, resulting in pain if their bodies twist or strain uncomfortably. This can lead to setbacks in their roads to recovery. For patients who have undergone surgery and require assistance during basic mobility, purchasing or renting lift chairs can provide them with steps in the right direction.

With lift chairs, patients will no longer resort to straining their bodies in their attempts to stand up. Standing up sounds easy, but when an individual has undergone surgery, the strain can prove uncomfortable and even dangerous in some circumstances. To stand up from a sitting position, a person uses a considerable amount of upper body strength to provide the balance needed to place weight on the feet and legs. This can be exhausting for individuals recovering from surgery. Furthermore, pain medicine can result in general lethargy, making matters even more difficult.

A lift chair supports the patient with all the comfort of a cushioned lounge chair. At the patient's command, usually with the help of a remote control, the chair will ease into a slanted position from the back, enabling the patient to find footing without breaking a sweat. The patient will no longer strain to stand up. Furthermore, the patient will not have to risk dropping uncomfortably into the chair if the seat is too low to the ground. The lift chair does all the work, moving up and down at the patient's command, enabling the patient to sit and stand effortlessly.

Even if your disability is only a temporary result of surgery, a lift chair will still serve you well for many years!As a bonus, lift chairs can also help recovering patients by providing the right kind of support. Normal chairs do not cater to the needs of surgery patients, but most medical lift chairs provide excellent support for the back. Most lift chairs come equipped with ergonomic designs that promote optimum spinal alignment, ensuring comfort. Furthermore, they improve blood circulation by helping patients ease into the Trendelenburg position, a position that promotes healthy blood flow by elevating the legs above the heart. Proper blood circulation aids the recovery process, making the positions offered by lift chairs more beneficial to patients recovering from surgery.

Many surgery patients complain of sleeping problems after their procedures. Finding comfortable positions to sleep can prove problematic during the first week or two after complicated procedures, leading to general discomfort for the patients. Most medical lift chairs adjust into comfortable flat positions, making a restful sleep more likely. Patients using lift chairs have cited better relaxation during the day and better sleep at night as a direct result of using medical lift chairs.

Medical lift chairs provide patients with a multitude of benefits. By using lift chairs, patients can ease in and out of chairs at their leisure, recover more quickly by resting in the proper positions for better blood flow, and sleep easier during those first few nights when sleeping in a normal bed is not satisfactory. Medical lift chairs are designed with recovery benefits in mind, making them excellent choices for individuals just coming out of surgery and looking for beneficial tools to aid in their recoveries.