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The Quintessential Guide to Lift Chairs


Whatever the Reason, We're Here to Help.

 The primary medical reasons for which doctors recommend lift chairs to patients are a diagnosis of severe arthritis - which is the most common cause of physical disability in the United States - or a neuromuscular disease or condition. For arthritis patients, who frequently experience muscle pain, joint stiffness, fatigue, and impaired mobility, a lift chair can ease their discomfort by doing the work that their muscles would normally have to do. Additionally, many sufferers of advanced arthritic conditions suffer from muscle weakness and loss of flexibility, which can render them unable to sit or stand without risking a fall injury. Neuromuscular diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, or complications from a stroke can also severely impair a person's muscle control and mobility; for such individuals, a lift chair may be the only way they can sit or stand without assistance from a caretaker.

If you are planning to have surgery on your knees or hips, or a surgical procedure which will hinder your mobility during recovery (especially abdominal surgeries), a lift chair is a good investment. Not only will the chair serve your needs during your recovery, but if in the future you need to undergo further surgery or develop a condition that limits your mobility, you will already have a means of sitting and standing safely and easily.

If you have been diagnosed with hypotension (low blood pressure), your doctor may have recommended that you purchase a lift chair which can be configured for the Trendelenberg position. Infinite-position lift chairs (also referred to as Zero Gravity chairs by manufacturer Golden Technologies), which allow the user to operate the footrest and backrest independently of one another, are capable of positioning the user into the Trendelenberg pose, in which the feet and legs are elevated above the heart to promote better circulation. We offer a wide range of infinite-position electric lift chairs, and highly recommend them for their versatility. Because an infinite-position electric lift chair can be configured in so many ways, we find that the majority of users can achieve a higher level of comfort in these lift chairs.

Of course, electric lift chairs aren't always made necessary by a physical handicap. We frequently sell lift chairs to customers who have difficulties maintaining balance due to inner ear imbalances or other afflictions such as Meniere's disease, and require the aid of a lift recliner to sit or stand safely.

Many of our customers are actually shopping not for themselves, but for a friend or family member who is experiencing mobility difficulties. If you're shopping for a loved one, we highly recommend that you call our product specialists for assistance in picking the right lift chair. Although we offer many different models, the reality is that every lift chair user is different in terms of height, weight, and medical conditions. Our specialists are trained to match customers to the right electric lift chair every time, and we have some of the lowest return rates in the industry for that reason. However, because there is a restocking fee and freight charge applied against all lift chair returns (and because custom-built lift chairs cannot be returned), it's in your best interests to ensure that you're getting a chair that is well suited to your loved one's size and needs. We can best ascertain a correct fit by dealing with you directly on the phone rather than via an online order.