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USM Luxury Bath Lift

Product Review
Key Features
  • No plumbing or structural changes
  • More affordable than a walk-in tub
  • Fits standard bathtubs and 40" showers
  • In or out in 1 minute
  • No waiting on warm water or draining
  • Shower or bathe by adjusting seat height
  • Peri-care chair option available

The USM Luxury Bath Lift is a more permanent and secure solution for bath accessibility, and doesn't need to be removed before and after each use like other typical bath lifts. Unlike with other bath lifts, the Luxury Bath Lift raises the user completely up and over the edge of the tub without any maneuvering or lifting of the legs- a truly effortless process at the touch of a button.

Installation can be completed in about an hour or less, and the lift can be relocated as needed. While the lift works with most standard bathtubs, be sure to use the provided measurement guide to ensure a proper installation.

Bathing can be a relaxing experience with the USM Luxury Bath Lift, all while avoiding costly renovations or alterations to your current bathtub.

Call to learn more about this solution and others from a bathroom accessibility expert today.

Not available in the State of Florida.
  • Lifting Capacity350 lb
  • Power Source20 Volt Lithium Battery
  • Seat Width15.75"
  • Seat Depth15.5"
  • Seat Height, Raised36"
  • Backrest Width15"
  • Backrest Height15"
  • Weight, Unit95 lb
  • Installation MethodInstallation Required
  • WarrantyLifetime/4 yr. Electrical
  • ReclinesNo
  • Lifting Mechanism1,000 lb
  • NotesSafety mechanism built in to prevent load from falling.
  • Aircraft Stainless Steel Cable10,000 lb
Product Reviews
1 review 
My mother can NOW stay at home and have a a warm bath by her self.
Mar 30, 2014 3:45 PM
A Little About Myself
Mom is 84 years old and not able to walk by herself.
Mom just pushes the button and up and into the warm bath she goes. Push the up button and out of the tub she comes. It is so easy for her!
Why did we wait so long???
Service & Delivery
Great easy to set up took about an hour and a half.
She loves to stay at home now she can enjoy her warm bath again. Her attitude about life has changed and she is her good old self again.
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